Bespoke tiles made in Tajimi, Japan

Tajimi City is center of the Japanese tile industry, with a centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship and excellence. We work with the most innovative and skilled local producers to realise custom-tailored tiles according to your needs, in any size, shape, color and texture. We offer a straightforward service and in-depth consulting. Unlike others, we can also produce in small lots and ship worldwide. To comply with your project, we usually offer a first prototype free of charge. Tajimi Custom Tiles caters to architects and designers globally. Don’t hesitate to contact us and send us your unique design and specifications so we can begin realising exactly the tile you desire.

Diverse Craftmanship Rooted in History and Tradition

Tajimi City spreads along the southern side of Gifu Prefecture in central Japan. Its soil contains clay rich in minerals suitable for ceramic production. A pottery industry emerged as long as 1300 years ago, and out of that history came Mino Ware, regarded as ones of Japan’s most distinctive and influential types. With that background, large-scale tile manufacturing began in the early twentieth century. Since then Tajimi has grown into the centre of tile-making in Japan, accounting for around 90% of production. The majority of local companies specialise in high-volume production of standard tiles, but there remains a number of smaller, highly-specialised manufacturers using both alternative production methods and traditional Japanese glazing and firing, in a combination rarely seen elsewhere. We work with the most skilled craftspeople allowing us to realise almost any kind of tile, whatever form, size, glaze, texture or colour, using a range of raw materials, production and firing methods.

Spreading the Fascination of Tiles Worldwide

TAJIMI CUSTOM TILES was launched by X’S Corporation under the creative direction of David Glaettli to be a platform from which to realise unique, innovative tiles to customer designs and specifications targeting international architects and interior designers. X’S operates globally. Founded in 1994, by its CEO Masashi Kasai, who strongly believes tiles made in Tajimi have huge market potential. Unlike other trading companies, X’S has its own laboratory facilities where tile prototypes can be developed and tested in-house. This allows us to offer competitive pricing, and products in small quantities. In combination with a network of local manufacturers, this creates a unique manufacturing environment with short lead times, stable supplies and high-quality output. X’S has also taken the initiative in enhancing environmental sustainability by developing a system to recycle incineration slag into new tiles, thereby reducing landfill. Our creative director, David Glaettli stresses that tiles have a special role in enhancing the quality of architectural spaces. He was born in Switzerland in 1977 and studied industrial design in Milan and Lausanne. Since 2008 he has been based in Japan. His careful advice and skilful art direction are based on dispassionate questioning of all issues relating to design and manufacturing, to support local crafts and small industries, as well as securing international design talent to create innovative products. Glaettli is also creative director of the brands KARIMOKU NEW STANDARD and Sumida Contemporary, and design director for 2016/ Arita.